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Independent Financial Group Nearing 100 Representatives

Independent Financial Group
September 1, 2004


San Diego, CA—In only 9 months, Independent Financial Group, LLC, a San Diego based broker–dealer, has grown from fewer than 20 to nearly 80 representatives. As of August 29th, the official count stood at 68 registered representatives, with 10 more in the registration process.

“Our list of goals this year was very, very long. While we have attained most of our nearterm goals, the one goal we set that was the loftiest by far, to have 100 registered representatives by the end of calendar year 2004, now seems to be within reach. We could not possibly be more pleased with our growth,” said Joe Miller, Chief Executive Officer.

Having added a number of branches from competing broker–dealers, Independent Financial Group is included in a small group of independent broker–dealers who are making a resurgence in the marketplace following years of consolidation, buyouts, mergers, and overall contraction.

“There was so much contraction in the industry in the late 1990s, with many independents being consumed by large, monolithic insurance companies and banks, that the very existence of the independent broker–dealer concept seemed to be going the way of the dinosaur,” commented Dan Grenier, Director of Marketing for Independent Financial Group, adding, “There are many, many reps in the industry who are well suited to the wire-house, or insurance based broker–dealers. But there are also many—myself included—who came up through the independent ranks and cannot really flourish within the confines of the ‘big houses’ out there.”

Independent Financial Group, Inc. was founded in October 2002 by Scott Heising and a group of experienced industry professionals. Independent Financial Group, Inc. purchased Independent Financial Group, LLC (formerly Hagerty Stewart & Associates, LLC, a NASD member firm established in 1978) and moved its operations to San Diego. With Independent Financial Group, LLC, independent financial representatives are offered first class service provided by an experienced staff of professionals as well as industry-focused technology in an environment where the representative is treated as a
valued client.

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